Rough Trade Album Of The Month December 2017: Jim James – Tribute To 2

This is probably the joint best record I’ve received yet, tied with Earl Gray by Girl Ray from the August album of the month. It’s a collection of covers of songs that I have never heard that are all well old, like 40’s to 60’s old. They’re all great songs which I can see myself coming back to a lot. The covers themselves do add a touch of originality to the originals, and while it is somewhat dream rock, all the songs are amazing and I would definitely come back to them. If you don’t know what I mean, this year there has been an abundance of dreamy rock that doesn’t stand out and all sounds like the same song. I’m looking at you, London Grammar. But this album really uses its dreamy tones to it’s advantage, and the production doesn’t get drowned in reverb and no treble. Speaking of which, the production is a real high point. With this particular sub-genre of indie, the production can make an album a great 8/10 record to an absolutely unlistenable 2/10 record. Anyway, really love the production on this thing. The cover and the sleeve art is also awesome.


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