A kid’s view of politics #10: The communist manifesto 2

Communism works. It will work. People attempt to debunk it with “Well everyone will just work less if they are paid the same”. That’s not how it works. This is how it would work:

Economy and Jobs

The idea of communism, socialism is not everyone gets paid x no matter what they do. It just eliminates the pay gap and means everyone will earn the same an hour no matter what they do it or where they do it. If you decide to start a business, you will get the same everyone else gets and all of the profit will be driven into the government. This will mean the economy is innovation based because there will be no monetary incentive to start a business. All jobs will be government controlled. In exchange for working, you will get free housing according to the size of your family, free food, free basic clothing and other basic necessities. Your wages will therefore be disposable income, which will be pumped back into the government because as soon as you spend it, the profits will go back to the government. This makes the economy stable and self-sustaining so exploitative 3rd world industry will be eliminated. The currency will also be non exchangeable. Jobs can be changes at any time, and if you have no preferences in what you want to do, you will be assigned whatever is the least staffed.


You can consume content from other countries, unless other governments object. However, people from the outside cannot consume our entertainment.

Foreign policy and Crime

You are allowed to leave the country, but of course because of the fact that the currency is non-exchangeable means you will have no money to your name. If you commit a crime, you will be sent to a prison where you will work with no disposable income for however long you serve time. However, going to prison will not hinder your job prospects, because if you’ve served your time, you’ve served your time.


There will be a strong military, but a defensive one, and we will never engage in war unless we are attacked, and even then we will only attack the country directly responsible. There will be no joining in on conflicts that do not directly affect us.


Anyone can join our country. However, they must denounce Capitalism by giving all of their wealth to the humanitarian charity / charities of their choice. You can leave at any time, but as I said above, when you leave, you will have no money. Being a previous member of a communist / socialist hybrid nation is probably not going to help job prospects.


Being in the government is one of the government issued jobs you can choose from when you join. There are no ranks. All voting power is equal.


That’s the basic outline of my utopic nation.


6 thoughts on “A kid’s view of politics #10: The communist manifesto 2

  1. Interesting thoughts. Many questions but here is one: doesn’t the utopia depend on the government being led or at least guided by wise people who listen to people and make good decisions? Can you think of any places in the world where that would describe the government?

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    1. In a communist utopia, everyone who’s in it will presumably want to be part of the communist society. Also, the people don’t tend to make bad decisions. There may be some exceptions e.g. the election of trump, but most people don’t want things like travel bans and wars even if they support Trump. Also the bad decisions will be made because of people being influenced by fear and propaganda, but in the communist society there will be o fear and propaganda because there will be no individual who can enact these things. There will also be things the government can’t do E.G. if they violate the manifesto of the country


  2. lhammondsoas

    My head is spinning! If everyone thinks exactly the same way then you might have everyone opting in, but is that realistic? Isn’t political plurality (many different political viewpoints) a part of every society? Very interesting utopian vision.

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