Avengers Infinity War Trailer Review

I’m skeptical about this whole Infinity War thing. On the surface this movie may seem like a well-above average Marvel film like Guardians Of The Galaxy. But there are a lot of problems that are going to be hard to solve.

How are you going to balance 20+ characters without under developing them?

How are you going to set the tone of the movie? The subject matter and the story makes for a great gritty action movie like Logan, but the inclusion of Spider-Man and Guardians Of The Galaxy is going to make it very hard to make serious without making the characters seem different from what they were before. Marvel’s latest run of movies has also been entirely comedy, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this has comedy in it.

How are you going to rate this film? 15 will lose a core part of your viewer base (no offense, Marvel) but if you make it a 12, it’s gonna be terrible.

The trailer itself is pretty good, and looks pretty gritty. The enemies and their weapon and ship design however, are by design similar to that of the Chitauri from Avengers 1. That is bad, because this is meant to be some massive event, but when Peter sees the ship, it doesn’t provoke terror and fear. It just looks like another disposable enemy who will be defeated very quickly. Which leads me to wonder, how are you supposed to make a two part series out of this?

Anyway, those are my thoughts, what did you think? I am I being an over skeptic disbeliever or is this going to be BvS: Dawn Of Justice all over again? Let me know.



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