A kid’s view of politics #9: Net Neutrality and the rise of Corporatism

This is a prime example of how broken and evil corporate America is. What is this? A dictatorial control of industry and commerce. Haven’t I heard that before? Oh yes. It’s one of the characteristics of fascism. I’m not attempting to say that this is as bad as fascism, but the point remains.

The FCC is basically advocating and helping the rise of corporatism, which is at the far right totalitarian edge of the political compass. And why have the congress members not struck down the FCC yet? Because the political mainstream right now is centrist leaning slightly authoritarian right. Even the democrats can’t be called Left or Libertarian anymore. I mean, bar Bernie Sanders, American politics is just a decision between Corporate Right and Corporate Centre.

How can you casually discuss complete economic monopoly over commercial websites? Well, you can do that if you have a broken political system that gives you a choice between Corporate Chaos (Trump) and Corporate Unwillingness to change anything (Clinton).

This is basically the hard republicans saying “Well we can’t turn the real world into a corporatist nation, so let’s destroy the online one instead.”

Net neutrality is essential. It’s not just about how Netflix will be slowed down by a service provider if it doesn’t pay a massive sum of money. It means that anonymity will die, because finally broadband providers will have a proper excuse for actively tracking their users, and presumably that means the government will be able to track us. I don’t think I need to say that’s not good.

Consumers are people, not objects or commodities from which monetary value can be derived.

Because that sure seems to be what the republicans think.


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