200 follower special: A look back at my blog

First of all, I just have to say thanks for 200 followers. I’m really happy with the way my blog has been progressing, and it’s all thanks to all of you. Anyway, let’s look back.

I started on another blog that I called The Marvelites Blog. It consisted of basically only graphic novel and comic reviews, so after a couple months, wanting to make slightly different content, I started the sci-fi site, which for the first two months, reviewed nothing but movies. At that time, I was getting into music more so I renamed the blog to Music and Movies and started reviewing both. Around January 2017, I started mixing things up with a David Bowie tribute post and the beginning of Singles and EP’s roundup. I started to diversify the content of my music posts. But it was on a trip to Cornwall on the 11th Of March 2017 that I took the leap from only music and movie posts. I wrote a post entitled Random Spewing Of Thoughts #1, a badly written collection of random jokes and statements. It was definitely not my best post. I still didn’t know how to add links or tag and categorize things, but that series opened my horizons up to writing different kinds of posts. I am now on Random Spewing of Thoughts #29. About a month later, after even more tweaking of my content, I changed my name to Music and Movies (and stuff). That lasted around a month. I started to do gaming posts and started other series like the classic that is Muffin Monday, Fan Art and Weird and Wonderful Genres of Music, which I later renamed to A E S T H E T I C. Over the summer holidays, I experimented with a more vlog-y style of posting, along with other things. I then renamed my blog to The Culture Club. By then my style of posting had diversified a lot and I was posting basically whatever came into my head: Music, Movies, Politics, Poems, Random Spewing Of Thoughts, Tags, Awards, whatever. And that’s where I am now.

And it’s all because of you guys. Riley’s Backpack gave me the inspiration for Random Spewing Of Thoughts with Free Lunch. TheIndianIndieHead gave me the idea to do more think pieces, first on music and then on other things. You’ve all helped me evolve and grow my content and my viewer base, and I wouldn’t be here without you.

So thanks, stay tuned for more regular posting!



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