A e s t h e t i c #7: Math Rock

Hello and welcome to

A E S T H E T I C,

the segment where I dissect weird and obscure genres of music.

Note: Yes, I know Math Rock originated in the late 80’s, but I personally believe the revival is more true to the description of the genre so that’s what I’ll be talking about. Today, we’ll be talking about something called Math Rock. It’s a genre of poly-rhythmic, complex genre of experimental rock with weird tunings, weird time signatures and jazz instruments. It has the vocal style of early/mid 2000’s, and it’s basically emo’s jazzy cousin. The aesthetic is basically depressed hipsters who are too emo to be hipster but who are too hipster to be emo. Here’s some math rock art.

And here’s a song recommendation:

Never meant – American Football

Never meant – American Football

Flashlight – Front Bottoms (Yes I know the guitar part is less complex than most math rock songs, but it still qualifies because of the drum part and the layering of two different vocal samples, which is a technique found most in Bach’s choral music)

Flashlight – The Front Bottoms

Chinchilla – This Town Needs Guns

Chinchilla – This Town Needs Guns



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