I don’t care about stats anymore.

I don’t care about my stats anymore. I used to post twice a day for my stats, I used to relentlessly grind for my stats. And my reward? An arbitrary number of views a day, usually 50, and that was meant to make me content. But it didn’t. Because that’s not what I wanted. And it’s not what I want. I don’t want 10,000 casual followers, I want 200 regular followers.

Because in the end, nobody’s going to read quantity for the sake of quantity posts because Consequence of Sound, IGN and NME will do it ten thousand times better.

The same goes for music. I’d rather be a great obscure artist like Death Grips (not trying to say I’m anywhere near as good as Death Grips) then some insufferable mainstream semi mediocre sellout trash like Imagine Dragons.

There is one blogger who inspired me a lot with this decision, and that’s MisterAmazing. He has a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers, but his blog has like 3 subscribers. When I first discovered his blog, I was thinking “Oh, cool, no one knows about this. But he should really have more subscribers”. Now when I look at his blog, I admire it, because even with only 3 followers, he produces quality content. And he doesn’t use SEO, featured images or tags because he doesn’t care about his stats. That’s probably the most admirable thing about it. He’s producing quality content for himself, not so 10,000 people can see it.

Now, I’m not going to do all that. But you can see not posting twice a day has had a profound impact on my stats:

I don’t care anymore though. So over time, you may see me making other statements against quantity content.

So for now,

Resist consumerist addiction and abritary numbers designed to suck you into a platform.

Oh, sorry, I meant,


Oh bye the way, hope you noticed, this post is uncategorised and untagged

14 thoughts on “I don’t care about stats anymore.

  1. verian

    I am in a similar position, I can’t claim to make amazing posts all the time but a few are decent and they receive no feedback at all. I do a radio show which takes about 2 1/2 hours to record and about 5 hours to prepare, I have 3 confirmed listeners, and I don’t care, I like doing a radio show. More power to you.

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  2. I still care about stats, because I spend a lot of time and effort writing my reviews and I want as many people as possible to read them – not only for my own personal benefit, but also the artists & bands I write about. Part of the reason I review all those indie artists is to give them some promotion. What’s the point if no one reads the reviews?

    I also get very few comments or feedback on my posts, as only a very few make the effort to do so. I try to like and comment on others’ posts as often as possible. It’s gratifying to receive feedback, and know that at least a few are actually reading our posts.

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    1. I know. I just don’t care as much now because I’ve got a good core following now and I don’t need too focus my energy on building my base when I could be spending it on making higher quality posts. Of course I still care about comments, because they actually give you an idea of how good the post was but I don’t believe views or visitors actually helps the quality of my posts.

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      1. It’s hard to keep up with all the other blogs I follow. I’ve just spent the last couple hours reading other blogs. I like to support other bloggers who support me, and I also get to discover new artists & bands. Plus, reading others’ posts helps me to write better posts myself.

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  3. ghost

    I stopped caring about stats a long time ago 😆
    I’m with you, it’s better to have a small number of followers that read and like ur posts, then a large number of followers that only sometimes read ur stuff

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