Stranger Things: An exploration of 3 dimensional characterisation

There is a reason why I love this show so much. And that reason is the characters. Sure, the story is great, but on paper, it sounds terrible. Think about it “A kid goes missing and as high school drama ensues, everyone tries to find him. It’s a bit abysmal. It’s the three dimensional, morally ambiguos, imperfect characters that make the show so amazing. I don’t want to see another terrible high school “comedy” where all the characters fit into, bully, outcast, protagonist or sidekick. Unless your movie is incredibly special, I will not give you a chance if that is the plot. Stranger Things takes seemingly boring characters and makes then intresting by making them imperfect, by making them all the outcasts, by making them all the protagonists, by making them all the bullies, by breaking down and destroying the characters from the inside out.

Would I watch Stranger Things without the characters. No. Because then it would juat be another cut and paste high school show.

Stranger Things, despite being about the supernatural, is the most humane show out there right now.

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