N.E.R.D. – Lemon: Track Review

I don’t want to like this, I really don’t. And I shouldn’t. It’s got trap hi-hats and a Rihanna feature. And yet, here I am, about to praise a collab between a band by Pharrel Williams and Rihanna. And no, I haven’t turned to the dark side of vapid, boring, f-list of mainstream contemporary rap. Far from that.

And the weirdest thing is that it’s not N.E.R.D. that shines on the track, it’s Rihanna. Them raps. THEM RAPS. That is a sentence that I never thought I’d say. But I’ll gladly say it again. 

The instrumental, while it is better than pretty much every mainstream rap track these days, is nothing too special. The lyrics are what really stick out and wow do they stick out. To quote Anthony Fantano’s review of the song, “There is not a single thing that I can complain about with this song”. 

And that’s true. So without a seconds hesitation, I’m giving this a 9.5/10

Rating: 9.5/10

P.S. I’m trying to put videos at the end of my reviews without having to pay 10 pounds a month for WordPress Premium, comment if it worked.


4 thoughts on “N.E.R.D. – Lemon: Track Review

  1. I think Pharrel purposely made the beat kind of playful so that the lyrics stood out. It took me a minute to get it but listening to RiRi rap is something I was apparently born to do because I’m so HERE for it lol I liked your post

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