Random spewing of thoughts #26: Halloween special: Q&A

So. It’s halloweeen. The time of year where strangers give us candy for no reason at all!


Anyway, this post has little poibt right now, so I might as well answer some halloween-y questions!

What are your favourite sweets?

Reeses Pieces and Snickers

What are you going as?

Well, I went pretty last minute, so I just did David Bowie from the Lazarus Music Video

Here’s a picture:

A bit random, I know, but whatever.

What is a halloween song you would reccomend?

Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor’s version of John Carpenter’s ‘This is halloween’. It’s got a really creepy, industrial feeling to it and it’s also just a great remake of a great song.

What did you do last year? 
I went as Wolverine and I went really late into the evening because I had a detention.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and

Happy Halloween!

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