Obscure Music Monday #1: King And The Queen Of The Losers

Hello, and welcome to this new series where I talk about obscure artists. For the first segment I’m gonna talk about a band called The King And The Queen Of The Losers.  They do like indie stuff mostly, with a bit of punk sometimes, and they’re great. They are really small, though. They’ve got 500 subscribers on YouTube and oh, I forgot to mention, they do something that’s rare, which is they actually use their YouTube series to do random sketches and other things and it’s awesome. Their debut album is called Crutch and I would give it a 9.5/10. It’s an amazing album, and you should definitely check it out sometime. I would review the whole thing but it’s been out for a while so I probably won’t.

I’m linking to their Bandcamp, their YouTube Album Stream and two of their music videos.

KAQOTL Bandcamp

KAQOTL – Crutch (Full Album Stream)

KAQOTL – Detox Days

KAQOTL – Eggplant Emoji


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