A e s t h e t i c #5: BABYMETAL

And you thought this series was dead…

I know this is one band, but there is no specific genre for this. It’s very weird and the closest thing to BABYMETAL is Happy Song by Bring Me The Horizon. There is nothing else even remotely comparable to it. It’s a bit like Kidz Bop with metal except it’s a million times better.


Happy song – Bring Me The Horizon 

Now, let’s get into the a e s t h e t i c s.

The aesthetic is um…interesting. Inter-resting. Yep.

So slightly weird, but the music is awesome. Well, awesome for people who are into metal and/or Japanese Culture. Probably not anyone else. Everyone else will just think this is incredibly weird, because to be honest it is.

Wow, that was a short post.



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