Random spewing of thoughts #25: Monday.


I’ve probably done this post a couple thousand times. Whatever.

The only way I’m surviving is by listening to my new favourite musician, Jamie T. Definitely go check him out, try out Tescoland, Emily’s heart and Shelia, but if you care about explicit language or anything like that, probably don’t do Shelia. He’s a bit like a more talented, more interesting, edgier version of old Ed Sheeran.

Anyway, that’s my music recommendation for today. This Monday is even more terrible than most, because today we have double geography, which is my least favourite lesson. Yay! I have no lessons that I enjoy today.



Actually, not done with music reccomendations! Check out Mac DeMarco!

Yesterday, I watched most of this 2016 film called Arrival, which has good acting, good premise, good directing, good cinematography but the most awful script. I’ll probably do a review of that tomorrow.

Well, I’m at school now,


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