Blade Runner 2049: Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

This review is spoiler-free, don’t worry. Anyway, this is definitely a movie you don’t want to know anything about.
This movie is incredibly intense. It’s incredibly brutal, incredibly dark, incredibly violent, and it’s an incredibly amazing movie. Another thing that I noticed was that unlike most sci-fi or action films, there is barely any shouting, so when they do shout, it’s properly shocking, de-normalising violence and shouting so that when there is something like that, it’s really intense.
Let’s talk about the cinematography. The cinemtography here is on another level, surpassing even the cinematography of 2001: A space oddessy. 

It’s like this for the entire movie. Absolute perfection. I cannot praise the cinematography enough, and the use of the grey and yellow color palette is absolutely breathtaking. The cinematography is defenitely better than the first blade runner. It’s beautiful and the fact that almost all of the scenes were made using practical effects is absolutely breathtaking. 

Next, I have to talk about the soundtrack. The soundtrack is something to behold. It is something to behold. This is Hans Zimmer’s finest hour. This year he’s remade a radiohead song, made the soundtrack for Dunkirk, and now this. It stays true to the original, but it’s still it’s own beast. There are some callbacks, like the fact they used the same synthesiser as Vangelis did in the first movie.

Anyway, the music is absolutely amazing.

The acting is so gritty, and I love it. I absolutely love it. Ryan Gosling is amazing in this movie. The only actor who I didn’t think was amazing was Jared Leto’s character, the villain. There was nothing wrong with his acting, but to be honest, he wasn’t that special and just felt like your normal, slightly creepy sci-fi villain with a god complex. I do think the movie would have been slightly better if they had managed to cast David Bowie, but unfortunately he was too sick to play the role so they had to choose Jared Leto instead. But I did still like his character, and if this were any other movie, this would be one of the best characters. His aesthetic also adds to the religious imagery of the Earth Headquaters of what was Tyrell Corp and is now Wallace Corp.

However, I don’t think this movie is going to appeal to mainstream audiences. The pacing is incredibly slow, the movie is incredibly intense, and there isn’t much acting. In fact, after I saw it yesterday, the person in front of me said “Who on earth would want to sit through three hours of this darkness?”. And from the looks of it, not many people are going out to see it judging by the abysmal box office it’s receiving. When I say that this movie deserves a cult following, I have to put emphasis on the word cult. That means that it will be loved devoutly by a small gtoup of people. I’m actually happy that Blade Runner wasn’t a hit because this movie is what happens when there are no restrictions on the director’s vision.

That’s another thing that I love about this film. It doesn’t try to set up a franchise.

Anyway, enough rambling about how Hollywood is a greedy, unoriginal cesspool of franchises, let’s get back to the movie.

If you are planning to watch this movie, watch it at the biggest screen you can, because this movie is meant to be experienced on a massive screen.
Rating: 9.5/10


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