Visions of a life – Wolf Alice: Album review

I love this album so much. Every single track on this thing is pure indie perfection. But you can’t simply tag the label ‘indie’ on this album. If I had to describe it, I would say “Indie, shoegaze, dream pop and punk”. Yes, all in one album. But unlike Humanz by Gorillaz or most other genre bending albums, this album is incredibly coherent and works really well in the order that it’s in. The production on this thing is also really tight, but not as much as Revolution radio by Green Day, which in my opinion is a good album but too overproduced and clean. So yeah. This album hits the bullseye exactly, and I’m going to be listening to it for a very, very long time.

Right now, my favourite songs are Don’t delete the kisses, Beautifully unconventional, Yuk Foo and Planet Hunter.

But seriously, off of the top of my head, only 3 other indie/alternative bands have had both of their first two albums classics. Those bands are Twenty one pilots, My chemical Romance and The Smiths. So yeah, Wolf Alice are very quickly becoming one of the best bands of the decade. 

An astonishing record.

Rating: 9/10


6 thoughts on “Visions of a life – Wolf Alice: Album review

  1. Oh man I agree this here definitely is a good one, I agree on the production I like that it’s not too clean either as that wouldn’t give it that indie feel, love the genre blending it’s so refreshing theses days where everything is just so cut and dry, fantastic review as always very enjoyable indeed 👍

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