Bandcamp: A DIY Music Paradise

Here’s a great post about BandCamp!

Hope you enjoy!

Turntable talk

The fact that Bandcamp basically helped a 24-year-old get signed to a major indie label is making me wonder why it took me so long to pursue their talented offerings. And what a plethora there is.

My recent finds are those of the lo-fi/indie pop/bedroom pop variety (which I feel matches quite well with the do-it-yourself attitude of Bandcamp itself) and come from all over the globe. That may be one of my favourite things about Bandcamp-you’re getting direct access and a chance to support worldwide creations that aren’t getting played on your typical, local alternative radio stations.

Here are a few highlights I’ve found in the past few days:

1.) “We’re Not Just Friends” by Parks, Squares and Alleys

Already I love this artist for not using the Oxford comma in their name, but besides my AP Style preferences this track is more like a dream sequence of walking…

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