“Industry and commerce, toppled to their knees,

The gears of progress halted,

Underclass set free,

The super ego-shatters with their ideologies,

The obscene injunction to enjoy life,

Disappears as in a dream,

And as we return to our native state

To our primal scene,

The temperature, it started dropping,

The ice floes began to freeze” 

– Father John Misty

Utopia is something that will never be achieved. Why? Because utopia is subjective. Some people may think our world right now is a utopia. Some people are too optimistic. My definition of utopia is an embodiment of Things It Would Have Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution by Father John Misty with it’s anti capitalist crooning. But that will most likely never be achieved, and even if it did, I can’t think of how that would happen without violence and revolution, because for all of our fancy ideals and beliefs, the human race is just a collection of people who would never give up their luxury for equality and a collection of people who don’t have any luxury to give up.
And no, I’m not going to take that back.
Look, I’d love to say that modern day society is a utopia. But between injustice, discrimination, greed and everything in between, I can’t and I won’t.
Tell me, do you want corruption? No? Then how can you let anyone person have more power than the rest of us when power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Surely then the only way for there to be no corruption is if everyone has equal power?

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