Random spewing of thoughts #24: Trash posting Mondays – Vinyl, randomness, and my life

Hello, and welcome to my new PG FAMILY FRIENDLY NO SWEAR WORDS series trash posting Mondays. So far my day has been TERRIBLE because I had to do maths homework at 6 in the morning and that TRIGGGGGGGEEEEERRRRRRSSSSme, so I’m not really in the right frame of mind to write anything quality. I mean, I wrote an essay about music, but then I deleted it because it was too pretentious. I also have a massive headache. Yayyyyyyyyy!

Anyway, the main reason why I didn’t do two posts yesterday is because I’m a lazy child and because I went swimming. But the super interesting part of yesterday was my visit to Rough Trade, my favourite place in the world. I got two records. One of them was the Baby Driver soundtrack, and the other was this awesome obscure doom metal 7″ single from 2009. They were both on a discount as well, so big score for me. I’ll definitely be doing an episode of Crate Digging later today and if I haven’t done it already (I’m too lazy to check) I’ll do Rough Trade for another episode of Record Stores around the country. So, that’s my life basically.

Hope you enjoyed my FAMILY FRIENDLY PG RATED aimless post about nothing in particular.


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