Blade Runner (Directors cut): Honest Review

I would start with saying this movie is amazing, but I don’t need to, because a million reviewers have said it better than me. I could say “It’s the pinnacle of sci-fi” or something pretentious like that. But no. I’m going to do something unheard of. I’m going to give an honest, unbiased review of this movie. 

However, this does not mean I’m going to bash this movie in any capacity. I’m just going to actually point out the strengths and flaws in the movie instead of drooling over it like literally EVERY SINGLE BlIMMIN’ FILM CRITIC UNDER THR SUN. Because no, no movie no movie has proven itself to perfect. But Blade Runner does, to be honest, come fairly close.

Let’s start with th strengths. Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford. I can tell you that without either of them this movie would have been atrocious because as I said, the direction and acting is what makes this movie stand out from the horde of B-movies and unoriginal Hollywood cash grabs. It is the pure bleakness of the film, the blurring of good and evil, the extreme violence and the no holds barred approach to the story that makes this movie a classic. 

Then we have the weaknesses. First thing to say, the plot isn’t as amazing as everyone says. The strengths of the movie lie in the execution and acting, because the plot is not anything amazing. It’s just your standard dystopian story, and it doesn’t have anything to make it stand out from any other dystopia. But you can’t blame that on Ridley Scott or anyone else who worked on the movie because it was an adaption of a book (Do androids dream of electric sheep?) so it’s not like Ridley Scott could have changed the plot that much.

Anyway, whatever. I enjoyed the movie but I think critics are annoying.

Rating: 9/10

7 thoughts on “Blade Runner (Directors cut): Honest Review

  1. I seen it about a year and half ago on the big screen and just amazing! Also remembering seeing it in 2000’s at a cinema that somehow didn’t have any sound to it, nothing, zero! People started booing, other started making all the sound effects and standing up quoting all the lines, other started throwing anything at the screen and they stopped it and started again with no sound again a riot almost started, the manger come saying sorry, he got most stuff thrown at him and couple of blokes screaming at him “how can you not have any sound?” It was crazy for all the wrong reasons, we all free tickets and or refund in the end! Sorry I’ve got side track but here, here to critics are annoying!

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  2. If you haven’t already you should read the book. The film was actually dramatically changed (not that that’s a particularly bad thing). The book has a more desolate feel than the film. Deckard has a wife, and an android sheep (hence the title). It would be cool if you read the book and expanded on your review. Also check out Future Noir: the making of Blade Runner. It’s well worth a read.

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      1. That’s not surprising. It’s a short but fairly difficult read. I think once you think about how the film was changed from the original source it makes it (the film) more impressive. Ridley Scott was pretty much forced into making Rachel a love interest and that could have ruined the film. Then there’s the argument if which version of the film. I prefer the director’s cut but there are many who disagree.

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