Record stores around the country #2: Notting hill Music and video exchange.

38 Notting Hill Gate,



W11 3HX

So, this store is one of my two local stores, and the one I tend to go to more than the second one, Rough Trade, not because of the quality but because of the prices.

The Notting hill Music and Video exchange is amazing for buyers. The amount of cheap records are ridiculous and I constantly make ridiculous pulls like 10 cassettes for £1, an Elton John record for a pound, and classic albums like £7 for 2112 By Rush.

But if you are a seller, well, find somewhere else. They basically give you 10p for a record they would price at £1, which would be like £5 at any other record store. So yeah, don’t sell your stuff there.

Anyway, let’s get into my finds from my last trip:

First, I got this punk/metal 10 inch single, on grey vinyl with very light splatters, for a mere £3. This is only my second 10 inch, and also only my third coloured vinyl.

Then we have the main pick, which is David Bowie’s final album on gatefold. There is some slight wear, but it was only £14, which was an offer I couldn’t pass up. All of the artwork is printed in this lovely matte finish, which does mean there are parts of the lyric sheet I had to skip over. Anyway, I’m showing you what was visible.

If any of that just looked like a blank page, sorry, it’s just really hard to see.

Anyway, the shop itself has a really nice vibe, and the staff are really friendly.

Also, they’ve got a dance / reggae section upstairs which is a great place to find new house, techno, reggae, dub, and generally just other great dance 12″s.

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