Random spewing of thoughts #21: Writer’s block and school.

So, back with the first Random spewing of thoughts in a while.

Lately, I haven’t been able to make anything. It started with music. As soon as I finished the EP, I decided to try and make another genre, maybe electro, or maybe techno, or house, electronica, lo-fi, Muzak, ambient, mallsoft, rock, classical. Tried them all and ended up spending 10 hours banging my head on a table. So I decided to take a break and write some blog posts. But both posts I wrote, while they may have had a solid idea, ended up as trash. Because they, just like this post, lacked clear direction.

So yeah, you can really tell how happy I am with everything. I mean, sometimes writer’s block is helpful because suddenly you get a million dollar idea, but sometimes writer’s block is just plain annoying. And that second option, unfortunately, is what happens to me.

But anyway, back to my boring life. Nothing much is really happening besides me trying to get through a week of teachers telling me to tuck my shirt in (my school has a uniform) so I can have a lie in on Saturday, but oh wait, I can’t, because I have to do open day.

So yeah. Life is peaches

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