Record stores around the country #1: Grammar school records


15A High St, Rye TN31 7JF

Their website

So, I’ve decided to take a break from my four part 100 subscriber follower, so the last part (if I can figure out what the last part will be) will hopefully be out later today or tomorrow.

Anyway, two days ago, I went to a very interesting record store called grammar school records. It’s around 30 minutes from the cottage I’m staying in right now, in this town I stayed in before called Rye.

The shop sells a mixture of DVD’s, CD’s and vinyl, but mostly vinyl. They seem to be a classical and jazz specialty shop, but they had a lot of other good stuff that was too expensive to buy at that point in time. They also seemed to have a lot of very interesting types of records like 10 inch singles, 78″s, coloured vinyl and picture discs.

Here’s what I managed to pull:

A 12 inch single of the Miami Vice theme:

And this a e s t h e t i c picture disc my Mum suggested:

And finally, a smiths CD:

Now, I was really lucky to pick up that last one, because not only was it cheaper than anywhere else, that shop has a lot of Smiths fans, so the CD’s get bought very quickly, but I got it only a day after it came to the shop.

Anyway, I really liked the atmosphere of the store. The guy who worked there was very nice, so we talked about records for a bit, and he ended up giving me a £2 discount!

I would also note that for a second hand shop, the stock is of fantastic quality. There are no bad records, but at the same time, no ridiculously amazing records like Bryer Layter by Nick Drake or Elvis’ debut. So I would say this store is best for people who want to discover more good music and explore a few different genres. What’s also interesting is that there are no new records, and all of the records are usually at least 30 years old, which means for people who only Ike modern music, this may not be the best option.

Anyway, that’s it for now,


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