100 follower special part 2: Announcements about the blog.

So, we come to the next part of the 100 follower special. This post will be outlining all of the changes I will be making to the blog over the next couple of weeks.

  • No reblogs unless I have no time to write a post.
  • Small Blogger spotlight will be posted at random intervals.
  • Cosmetic overhaul of the site so it looks nicer.
  • I’ll be making more series and focusing more on series based content (A E S T H E T I C, Random Spewing Of Thoughts, Writer’s block)
  • I will make dedicated thumbnail art for the series (like I did for A E S T H T E T I C, but I’ll probably change it because I didn’t really like the last one).
  • Suggested reading at the end of the post featuring a previous post about the same topic as that post and a link to a blog post by someone else about the topic.
  • Less Yay!’s because they don’t actually feel like I’m thanking you guys, but instead I’m just posting an image and no real content.
  • More reviews.
  • More poetry.
  • More songs.

Give me some feedback on what you think about the changes in the comments!

Thanks for reading!



8 thoughts on “100 follower special part 2: Announcements about the blog.

  1. We just nominated you for a tag we(think) created and we would love for you to be one of the first to try it out and let us know how it goes!! We would love any feedback you have, good or bad! You can check it out at mcmusicbookblog.worpress.com.

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