Holiday ramblings #7: Street Art, the best magazine ever, going to Kent and just my life in general

So, I’m going to Kent right now for the last part of my holiday, and even though I haven’t done a holiday ramblings for 10 days (nervous laugh), you guys seem to like them so I’l keep on doing them.

The place we’re going’s pretty nice and it’s next to this costal town called Rye which has a record shop, which I didn’t check out when we went last year because I was just getting into vinyl and the only record I had was, well, um, Eminem’s greatest hits. Which just goes to show how much I’ve changed. Anyway, the town’s also got the world’s greatest hot chocolate. There’s this one that they do with caramel and 33% dark chocolate and it’s amazing.

Anyway, I had some fun on the way up here listening to some great music, reading this magazine which is the most awesome thing ever:

and playin’ some Minecraft. No. Don’t judge me. The game is great, it’s just the YouTubers and the fandom, which is absolutely terrible. Okay that was getting really off topic so here’s some Star Wars street art:

Okay, it’s the next day now. I mean, nothing too interesting happened while I wasn’t writing a post. I went to dinner, worked a bit on my song, and read a bit before going to bed.

So yeah,

More of an update on the progress of the series and what I’m going to do with it than anything else,

But anyway,


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