The best new songs: Tyler The creator, Wolf Alice, UNKLE, Brand New and James Heather

So, I’ve been catching up with all of the new music that’s been coming out, and there has been a lot of really amazing new music, so I decided to show you the best new tracks.

I’ll start off with ZIPLOC by Tyler The Creator.

This track samples the beat from 4: 44 by Jay-Z, which is a beat I absolutely LOVE. So, even though he literally just realeased Flower Boy, he’s already coming out with awesome new music, and he’s got some solid lyrics for this song.

Next up, Beautifully Unconventional by Wolf Alice.

Recently, I’ve been getting into indie rock again. For quite a while, I wasn’t liking indie because of trashy songs like Somebody that you used to know and Riptide, which were part of the indie pop movement which didn’t even make sense cause pop means popular and indie means independent. Independent tends to imply small and obscure. So how can they be popular? Anyway, that ruined indie for me for a while. Okay, I was really getting off topic there, but anyway, this is a solid track which I’m sure I’m gonna be listening to it for a while and this is the latest in the line of some amazing Wolf Alice singles (Yuk Foo, Don’t Delete The Kisses).

Now we’ve got the 2nd track off UNKLE’s new album, The Road Pt.1, called Farewell. I hadn’t really heard of UNKLE before but I’m really impressed with his new album and I’m probably gonna go back to some of his earlier work. I highly recommend you go check it out because it’s a very high quality, well written song.

Now we have Brand New’s brand new (I’m so funny, definitely didn’t find that joke in the comment section of TheNeedleDrop’s review of the album) album. I like all the songs on this thing, but my favourite song so far is 137. It’s nice and calm, in a kind of eerie way at the beginning but then it builds into this absolutely massive bit of guitar which is so sick, and now I have to learn it on guitar.

Finally we have Ruqia off the new album Stories from far away on piano, which is just a nice bit of piano melancholia to finish everything off, even though it’s only 74 seconds long. Also, fun bit of trivia, this album is on one of my and my dad’s favourite labels, Ninja Tune.

Links to the songs:

ZIPLOC – Tyler, The Creator

Beautifully Uncoventional – Wolf Alice

U.N.K.L.E. – Have you looked at yourself / Farewell

Brand New – 137

Sorry, there doesn’t seem to be a YouTube link for the last song, so I’m just linking you to the bandcamp version:

Stories from far away on piano – James Heather – Bandcamp link


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