Brand new: Science Fiction review

This is a future classic.

Brand new have now reached a level of lyrical mastery and storytelling equalling the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance.

Seriously, this album is a masterpiece. 137, Out of Mana, Can’t get it out, they all sit up there with works like Jesus Christ, Sowing Season (Yeah), Sic Transit Gloria…Glory fades and of course, The Quiet Things that no one ever knows.

The writing is amazing. Like literally, I thought the new Paramore album was brilliant, and it is, but this is on another level. It kind of gives off a nine inch nails vibe on some of the songs that I think makes it even, if I dare say, better than Deja Entendu

I’m listening to this thing over and over again because I can’t believe how mature this album is.

This album is a masterpiece. A dark, moody, chilling masterpiece.

Okay, this review is trash because I can only praise the album and say it’s amazing.

But it is.

I don’t care they took 8 years to write it.

It is a swan song of epic proportions and cements Brand New as one of the best bands of the past two decades.

Rating: 10 / 10

You have to listen to it.

Suggested reading:

The full album on YouTube

A better review of the album by small-ish YouTube reviewer ARTV


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