Rough trade album of the month: August

So as you’ll know if you read my Birthday post, I now have a subscription to Rough Trade Records’ album of the month scheme. I got mine late, as I wasn’t home to collect it, but it’s still awesome. Let’s get into the post.

Also just for clarification, this post isn’t sponsored. I’m just doing it cause I want to.

Here’s what the package comes with:

An exclusive coloured vinyl record. This month’s record was Earl Grey by a North London Band called Girl Ray that I hadn’t heard of previously. The record is great, and is also the band’s debut, so I’m really impressed and I can’t wait to see where they go:

Back of the record:

The letter that came with it:

The image on the back of the letter:

An EP of covers by the band:

The back of the EP:

A rough trade compilation CD of some good new songs:

The back of the CD:

Rough trade magazine:

The awesome packaging it came in:

The record playing on my turntable:

So yeah, a pretty epic birthday present. The next record is coming soon, probably the 4th or the 5th of September, so stay tuned.

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