Dream. – A poem


Dream of an endless beach,

Its expanse laid out to you,

With the majesty of infinity.

You may wake up from the sunsets,

And the infinite beaches,

But why would you?

As infinty is only as scary as it is beautiful.


Falling to the sand,

You wave to what seems to be a person crying for help,

But is merely but a reflection,

Of your soul,

Emptying itself,

Intertwining into an infinite expanse.

You are trapped in an endless loop,

Like an endless noir jazz piece,

And you try to find human life,

To comfort the thought of an infinite dream,

But through the neon haze,

No one would see you anyway.


And never wake up.

This poem was written on my way to the airport at 5:30 in the morning, listening to noir jazz, so I was in the best condition to write something like this. If you don’t know, I’m going back to England today, so this will be today’s only post, probably.

3 thoughts on “Dream. – A poem

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