The eternal paradox of the casual movie reviewer

2001: A Space Odessy or Suicide Squad?

So, over the past couple of days while I was away in New Hampshire, I watched two movies, Big and Apollo 13. I loved both and was about to review them and give them both a 9 out of 10 when I realised something.

I have never, in my time as a casual movie reviewer, given a negative movie review. Now, this is not because I am naturally positive when it comes to my approach to movies,  I’m actually a pretty harsh critic sometimes. it is simply because I don’t watch enough movies. I have never given a bad review because I only have time to watch movies I’m almost certain I’m going to like.

And no, I really don’t think the answer is to watch more bad movies, because let’s be honest, why would you want to watch a bad movie (unless it’s so bad it’s funny, like Sharknado) when you could be watching a good movie? Seriously try saying that to yourself. “Go watch bad movies”. Unless you are a serious movie reviewer, there is no way you would follow that advice. No way in a million years. Even I Hate Everything, who I would consider to be a serious movie reviewer had to make the search for the best because he was so tired of watching terrible movies for the search for the worst.

If I only have time to watch 1 or 2 movies a week, and you make me choose between Dunkirk and The Emoji Movie, which one do you think I’m going to choose? Pretty self explanatory, ain’t it?

And that is where the eternal paradox of the casual movie reviewer lies. You want to broaden out your reviews, but you don’t want to watch bad movies because they’re quite simply just bad.

So what I’m going to do is try to go to the cinema more often. Now, at first that may not seem helpful in broadening out my reviews, but if I try more obscure and independent films, then by taking more of a risk I could find some really great movies, some not bad movies and some pretty bad movies. And luckily, I have a great indie cinema really near my house.

So it’s not really a paradox at all.

More like an annoying thing that never stops bugging you until you finally decide to do something about it.

Whatever, I don’t really care.

Anyway, when the school year starts up again in September, expect to see more reviews of a wide variety of movies, and don’t forget that soon I’ll be reposting my old movie reviews from The Marvelites, which if you don’t know, was my first blog.

That’s all for now,


If you have any suggestions of indie movies or just movies in general I might not know about or I might be passing by thinking they’re worse than they actually are, then comment below.

4 thoughts on “The eternal paradox of the casual movie reviewer

  1. lhammondsoas

    Sounds like a good strategy! But then again, when you hit on a bad movie at the cinema you may feel you’ve wasted your money (unless you can spin a really wicked review out of it)!

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  2. I empathize with you, as I don’t see all that many films myself, so when I do fork over a good deal of $$$ to see a new film at a theater, I’ve already decided I’m probably going to like it. And over 90% of the time, I do. I tend to be pretty forgiving, and am not a harsh critic.

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