Vinyl collection #5: All the stuff I got in Vermont

This is the stuff my Grandad gave me for my birthday and for some reason I haven't got around to sharing all of it but anyway, here it is. This is gonna be a long one:

Simon and Garfunkel live:

A rarities and B sides record by Bob Dylan:

Street Legal by Bob Dylan:

Neil Young's Everybody knows this is nowhere:

Revolver by The Beatles:

Desire by Bob Dylan:

Harvest By Neil Young:

Elton John's Debut:

Street Burlesque by Bob Dylan:

Plastic Ono Band by John Lennon and Yoko Ono:

Highway to hell by AC/DC:

Screaming for Vengeance By Judas Priest:

Takes off by Jefferson Airplane:

An original 1969 pressing of a greatest hits album by B.B. King:

Walk the line by Aerosmith:

A record store day 2016 exclusive by Buddy Guy and Junior Wells:

This absolute classic Miles Davis record:

Thanks for reading this longer post,

And for now,


10 thoughts on “Vinyl collection #5: All the stuff I got in Vermont

      1. Oh yeah, it hasn’t stop me and it’s building up again but your post reminded me about that, I am guessing your cool grand isn’t giving away someone else records? because is not very cool at all! I guess my rely has got nothing to do will your post really!

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