Holiday ramblings #6: My life, even MORE music, and the first world problem of no wi-fi.

I am the worst schedule-keeper ever. Over the course of 5 holiday ramblings, I would say at least 2 of them weren't posted on time.

But whatever. I'm back now.

So, let's start with two days ago. What did we do? Pack and go on a car journey. Another one. So we drove a while to get to my cousins house and we stayed there overnight. But on the way, we stopped to go to Panera Bread. And amazingly, there was a Newbury Comics there. And amazingly, they had vinyl, CDs and cassettes. And so 20 minutes and $35 later, I left with this:

Pure comedy By Father John Misty on vinyl.
The front:

The back:

The inner sleeve:

(I was going to show the inside of the gatefold, but it's not exactly family friendly).
and also Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots on Cassette:

After we got to my cousins house, we went out to eat Mexican and have Ice-cream, and that was pretty much the end of the day.

The next day, we got up and went to have breakfast with our grandma, when she was leaving, she told me I could have some of her vinyl collection. Unfortunately, since I already had around 40 or 50 LP's to take back to England, my Mum only let me take 5 more. But that was fine because of the collection, there was only six that I recognised and didn't have. And I managed to sneak that extra one in without her noticing. Here they are:

Baltimore by Nina Simone:

Bridge out of troubled water by Simon and Garfunkel:

Greatest hits of Bob Dylan:

Compilation record of Nina Simone songs:

The Velevet Underground's debut:

Another compilation of Nina Simone, this one more focused on covers (The House Of The Rising Sun, Here Comes The Sun, My sweet lord, etc. etc. etc.):

And then, another road trip, this one significantly longer. So we drove for a while, and then we arrived in New Hampshire. So we're staying in a holiday house next to the lake, and everything is perfect. Except one thing. THERE'S NO WI-FI. And I could just hook on to my Dad's hotspot. Except there's one problem. There is no signal in the middle of nowhere, as to be expected. But there is one upside. I can play Dino Run:

Anyway, if I don't post as frequently that's the reason. I will try to post though.

For now,

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