The history of hip hop.

Hip hop has been a long way, and even though I don't like where it is right now, it has seen some amazing artists over the years. From MF Doom to Death Grips to The Sugarhill Gang, what was just a small underground movement has blossomed into the mainstream. And while mainstream hip hop at large may be dwindling in quality, there is still an abundance of amazing popular hip hop artists out there right now like Sampha with Process, Jay-Z with 4:44 and many others.

Without hip hop, there would be Tupac, no Eminem, no Nas, no N.W.A, no rap at all.

So yeah, hip hop had a cultural impact.

But all of this is nothing compared to what it really did. It opened up music making to a class of people who couldn't afford to make music before. And that birthed, or at least aided the rise of the underground music scene. Sure, there was underground scenes before like punk and post-punk, but hip hop helped evolve the underground to where it is today, where anyone can make music.


P.S. Go play the google doodle, it's awesome. It basically teaches you how to mix and use turntables. It's great fun.

13 thoughts on “The history of hip hop.

  1. Francheska

    Good read. I love old school hip hip too. I’m not too pleased with where it is at today either. Late 80’s early 90’s is definitely the best era imo. I love a good old school mix.

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  2. rappolitiksblog

    Great read. I’m really not feeling where hip hop is right now either but I have faith that it will grow and come full circle. Sales from Jay, Kendrick & Cole show there’s still a lot of money to be made from real hip hop.

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