Holiday ramblings #4: Raaaaaandomness

So yeah. The delayed Holiday Ramblings No.4 is finally here aaaaaand it isn't as fantastic as you might think.

I went to an restaurant two days ago, which just sounds normal, but I had this:

If you don't know, that is a drink called a Shirley Temple, which has sugar, syrup, cherry juice and more sugar and I swear I had a sugar rush for the rest of the day. Anyway, I've mostly just spent my time in the hammock either reading, watching YouTube or playing Real Racing 3.

I just finished this book, which was really awesome and I might review it:

I'm also about halfway through this really interesting book, which I almost certainly review:

I also went to the liberalist bookstore and here's a picture of the wall:

Awesome, right?

I also went swimming a couple times in this really nice giant pond:

But yeah.

Mainly just being nice and relaxed.

Here's a picture of the view from the house in Vermont:

Anyway, I know this post is paced terribly, is basically just a bunch of pictures and lacks any order, but whatever. You got what the title said you would get.

And for all the people who actually have to work / go to school:


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