Holiday ramblings #4: Halifax Gorge and more music.

So, yesterday, I went to Halifax gorge, which is a really nice swimming hole in Vermont where you can jump into the rapids and it's really fun. Here's some picture:

This is the highest place to jump off. I didn't jump off it because I'm not that crazy, but my uncle did do a backflip off it, which was insane:

A view of the gorge from up higher:

Another place to jump off which I also didn't jump off of because it's a lot scarier from up there:

Where I jumped off. No. Don't judge. DON'T JUDGE:

A better view of the waterfall:

Anyway, it wasn't all fun, as I slipped and messed up my arm, but it was fine and definitely not the worst thing you can do jumping off rocks into rapids next to a waterfall.

Today I went to the record store (again) and got these:

This really cool obscure punk picture disc:

The back of the picture disc:

A parental advisory badge for my leather jacket:

The fantastic Surrender by The Chemical Brothers:

A collection of the Grateful Dead:

All for $20. Pretty good, eh?

Anyway, I've ran out of things to talk about, so for now,


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