Holiday ramblings #3: Vinyl and the hammock.

Hello, and welcome back to holiday ramblings. Today was, contrary to the title, not just a lazy day. I spent a large chunk of my morning doing manual labour, which was mainly just moving stuff around.

But anyway, around noon, using my birthday, I went to the local record store and bought myself a proper haul. Here it is.

Diana Ross' Greatest Hits for a bargain $2:

Born to run by Bruce Springsteen:

The limited edition record store day 2017 maxi single of sign of the times by Prince:

Wednesday morning, 3 AM by Simon and Garfunkel:

A random $1 Stranglers 12 inch:

The CD version of the man who sold the world by David Bowie:

A live CD of the Grateful dead which is amazing:

And then there was the best part of the house in Vermont is the hammock

And that was were I spent quite a lot of my day, along with spending time with my cousins and playing real racing three relentlessly.

Anywho, today wasn't too interesting, so for now,


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