Holiday ramblings #1: My birthday!

So, today was my birthday.

I'm pretty sure this post will end up just becoming a bunch of memes. But who's complaining? Memes are the best.

Anyway, I went to a water park today, and I went on a bunch of ridiculously steep rides, being the adrenaline junkie I am. There was this one that was an actual vertical drop, and for the first few seconds you were actually free falling, but then you came back on, and the splash hurt so much, and I would just be like:

But it was so fun, so I did it three times because there was no line because um… you have to be a crazy person to throw yourself off a platform 50 feet in the air and slide down at like 50 miles per hour. And that is exactly what I am.

But anyway, I spent a couple hours there, and had a great time! And then of course, there was all of the presents.

I got some cool stuff like a pair of earbuds, a Beatles book, a book on the history of Wonder Woman, a small loan of a million dollars xD and the coup de grace, a 12-month vinyl subscription to Rough Trade Records. Now, if you don't know what a vinyl subscription is, it's basically where your record store sends you the record of the month. Every month. So I get 12 records. And knowing their impeccable but obscure taste, I'm sure that I will discover a lot of amazing new stuff, so I can't wait!

Also, this is only the first stage of my multiple stage birthday, because I visit different relatives over different times and so it all lasts the entire summer. Great right? It's like the birthday that never ends.

I have to take a short break to eat dinner, which is going to be delicious because



*Royalty free ukelele and elevator music plays*


I just ate 2 burgers and cake with ice cream and it was

Oh wait, I just found another one to have there so I'll just have them both:

I have to go to sleep in a bit, but I'm not tired that much, which is a bit strange, considering that due to jet lag, my body feels like it is 2 in the morning.

But it does make sense, because I'm

I know I was meant to start the Small Blogger's spotlight today, but I didn't have time so it'll start next week.
I only just remembered and I can't exactly postpone my birthday post. I mean, I could…but like…no.




I have nothing else left and this post still feels unfinished,

But you can't have everything in life,

So for now,


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