A monster Calls movie review

I watched this on the plane a couple days ago and I was pleasantly surprised. This is perhaps the best kids movie since Wall-E and the most poignant kids movie since Up. That's right, this movie is on the Pixar level. Sounds interesting, right? Well, it most certainly is.

The movie is about a kid who is dealing with emotional and mental problems because of his Mom's cancer and all of the struggles in his life, and he unknowingly calls upon a monster. The monster tells him three stories over three nights, and after those three stories are told, he has to tell the monster his truth, and his nightmare. Now, this may sound kinda fairy-tale-ish, but believe me, it is a gripping, emotionally riveting story about human complexity and mortality.

I am actually shocked at how good this movie is. I need to read the book now because this is, and I will say this again,


You want to dispute that. Go watch the movie, and if you have already, go watch it again, then come back and try to dispute this. The acting is some of the best I have seen this decade, the cinematography is perfect and captures the bleakness of the film perfectly. I cannot recommend this movie enough and I urge you to watch it.

It's like a more kid – friendly version of Manchester By The Sea, but without any less of the bleakness and poignancy. And I would argue that even though I haven't watched Manchester by the sea, that this movie has to be more poignant because the pain and grief is in the moment and I cannot comprehend anything more depressing than this movie.


And so without a single moments hesitation, I am giving this movie a 10.

Rating: 10/10

An absolute complete must-watch for anyone.

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