Vinyl collection #4: The Beatles, The Clash and a whole lot of 80’s pop.

A birthday post is coming later today.

So, I went into the attic of my Grandma's house to look at my Mum's record collection yesterday, so I decided to share the best of it with you. There was a lot of really good stuff in there, so I couldn't show you all of it, but here's the highlights:

1967 original stereo pressing of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles:

Non stop erotic cabaret by Soft Cell:

The breakfast club soundtrack including Simple Minds' classic Don't you forget about me:

Combat rock by The Clash:

An album of rare and unreleased Beatles tracks:

The pretenders debut:

The 12 inch version of Ultravox's Vienna:

The cruel summer 12 inch by Bannarama :

Too-rye-ay by Dexy's Midnight Runners:

Later in the day, I went to my Mum's old record store in the town and bought these:

Original pressing of Abaxas by Santana:

The greatest hits of 60's pop band Jay and the Americans:

The original soundtrack by 10CC:

The CD version of 4: 44 by Jay-Z:

Anyway, thanks for reading this relatively quick post,

And for now,


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