My favourite YouTube channels

Hello, and welcome back to me trying desperately to make content for my entire demographic but failing miserably.

Okay, I'll stop dissing myself and get into the post…

1. Pyrocynical

I found Pyrocynical just this week but by now he is easily my favourite YouTuber. He tends to talk about memes, make fun of bad YouTubers like Jake Paul, and react to memes. I know this sounds average, but he's great.

2. H3H3 productions

H3H3 productions is a YouTube channel dedicated almost entirely to making fun of popular Youtubers and slightly weird comedy sketches

3. FrankJavCee

FrankJavCee is a music YouTuber who is best known for his tutorials on how to make obscure genres of music like vaporwave, extratone and Black Midi.

4. ThatIsThePlan

The second channel of music reviewer TheNeedleDrop, his videos are basically all memes, meme reviews, making memes, music memes, and a series called blank is the greatest rapper which may be the most amazing thing humanity has ever created.

5. Jonathan Pie

Now, while the rest of the YouTubers are only meant to appeal to teenagers, Jonathan Pie is a good ol' barrel of laughs for everyone in the family. Unless they don't care about politics or are under the age of 12. Then they probably won't care. But anyway, Jonathan Pie is a satirical channel about a fake news anchor who also happens to be a far-leftist socialist, and the videos comprise of these little 5 minute rants about whatever is happening in a British Politics that week.

6. TheNeedleDrop

This is actually a somewhat serious channel. No memes or making fun of other YouTubers, just a well-made music reviewing channel. And a really good music reviewer at that.

7. An odd world of mine

Known best for the um… Decearing Egg video. Seriously go watch the video now. It got turned into a meme.

8. CollegeHumor

CollegeHumor basically makes comedy sketches every day. Nothing much else left to say.

9. Jacksfilms

He was a lot better before he started turning the emoji movie into a meme but he's got some great content like the We're all just assholes talking to a camera music video and all 100 plus Your Grammar Sucks videos.

10. Rob Scallon

An actually good music YouTuber who experiments with really interesting instruments and genres. I would highly suggest checking him out if you like music.


I've got nothing else left, so for now,


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