Kung fury movie review

This movie is ridiculous. The result of a hugely popular kickstater campaign, it is an over the top, action 80's throwback with everything from people constantly being beheaded and chopped in half to a David Hasselhoff theme tune (the guy from night rider). The plot consists of the Kung fu master Kung fury going back in time to kill Adolf Hitler because Hitler wants to become the ultimate Kung Fu master. You can see how ridiculous this movie is.

And the most ridiculous part, even more ridiculous than the satire, the over the top gore fests and the ridiculous stereotyped characters is the running time.

The movie is 30 minutes long.

This movie is 30 minutes long.




But it is still an awesome movie. Like seriously, this is amazing.


It is a constant barrel of laughs and, on the off chance you don't enjoy the movie, it's only 30 minutes long, so not the biggest loss of time. But seriously, if you don't like it,

But seriously. It's on Netflix. And if you don't have Netflix. It's on YouTube. So go watch this epic movie now. Watch it and let your life be transformed by a 30 minute 1980's throwback gore fest in which a Kung fu master cop fights Adolf Hitler.

You know what? I'll just let this screenshot from the movie do the talking:

Rating: 10 / 10


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