Be kind, rewind movie review

Be kind, rewind is a movie about two people who take over a film store temporarily but they accidentally erase all the tapes, so they have to make fake versions with them in it.

Oh, and it features Jack Black, Mos Def and Danny Glover. Sounds awesome already, right?

Well, pretty much.

The first twenty minutes are average, and seem to just be a setup for the plot. Nothing much happens, and I wasn't sure about the movie.

But as soon as that finishes, it dives in to a nonstop barrel of comedy, and the acting is very good. It may not have any deep meaning or groundbreaking thought provoking diorama of the human race, but it is what it intends to be. An enjoyable movie that makes you laugh. Because it's kinda nice to have a break from 'the world is ending' stuff, and just enjoy yourself.

Of course there is one exception to the it's just an enjoyable movie meant to make you laugh. The ending, which is so beautiful, even if a bit cheesy. You'll have to watch it to know what I mean, because if I tell you what happens, it will basically reveal the plot of the entire movie. So just go watch it. Because I guarantee if you like music or movies (which you probably do if you're reading this) then you will love this movie.

I would definitely recommend this movie, 100%, if you like comedy.

RATING: 8/10

You wanna know how I did that thing with the rating so it scrolled across the screen? I'll tell you later today. If you don't want to know? Too bad.

So for now,


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