Last day of school pt.1

*Heavy breathing*

I’m finally here! On the bus to school for the last time for 7 weeks. Suddenly, everything seems brighter as thhe true scale of how long I have stretches out in front of me. Endless days spent binging red dwarf and the fresh prince of bel air, spent playing every record in my collection back to front, spent doing whatever I want! 

And just to give you an idea of how happy I am, I replaced my usual morning playlist of Father John Misty and all the depressing songs from Vessel By Twenty One Pilots with Elton John, Happy Mondays and 80’s pop songs.

And the last day of school isn’t really a school day at all, since I’ve literally got 2 lessons and then an assembly so they let us out at 12!



3 thoughts on “Last day of school pt.1

  1. Father John Misty is my go-to for walking to my first class in the morning. Amazingly talented guy, both musically and as a writer. I saw him in 2015 and I’m seeing him again in September; can’t hardly wait!
    Hope you’re enjoying your summer! Being free from school for a while feels fantastic.

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