Random spewing of thoughts #16: New Music, Rock rant and school.

So, my first random spewing of thoughts in a while. Let’s go.

School is basically just a minor annoyance. I’ve only got 3 days worth of learning left, which leaves me with the question; What is the point of another week of school after a week on a school trip? I mean, you might as well just call it quits and let us have another week of break. But it doesn’t really matter, because 1 extra week in 8 weeks of summer break doesn’t really bother me that much.

But anyway, in terms of new music, there hasn’t been much lately besides the new Jay-Z, and I’m kind of treating it like the kid who seems nice but is terrible once you get closer. There’s a new album by a band called HAIM coming out next week, and although I’ve never heard any of rheur stuff before, I’ll check it out and see if there’s anything intresting to talk about on it. 

And I know Imagine Dragons released a new album, but I refuse to listen to it because they’re the future of rock and I don’t want the future of rock to be poppy, watered down, radio freindly songs that appeal to the masses, and not to the people who want the future of rock and alternative to be Royal Blood, Green Day and Gorillaz. Oh yeah, the new Royal Blood album is out! Well in that case, I’ve got one album to review. Well, that should be coming soon.

And anyway, I don’t need much more new music since I just discovered a truckload of artists like Tracy Chapman, Angel Olsen, Sunflower bean, All of the bands that played at the hacįenda club in Manchestet in the 80’s and 90’s and Gorgo Bordello.

Well I could talk about this forever, but I’ll wrap it up here so for now,


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