Muffin Monday #5: A new world order

He was finally there. Bob had found the house of the devil, Gordon Ramsey. He was ready to avenge his brothers and sisters by defeating the evil lord Gordon Ramsey. He would cook him as he had cooked his fellow baked treats. And so, he went into the house, killed him, brought back Gordon Ramsey’s dead body to his brothers and sisters, anmases an army, overthrew the governments, established a new world order and made the eating of living beings illegal. The national anthem was to be a special version of The bangles’ Mainc Monday, called Muffin Monday. It was to be sung every Monday. And humans and muffins lived in unity. Until the muffins decided it was time to destroy the humans, so they destroyed them all and played a remix of walking on sunshine by Katrina and the waves with ‘walking on the bodies of our former human opressors as we celebrate the uprising of a bunch of baked treats’. But unfortunately, most muffins eventually evolved into humans again, and so in the early 2000’s the remaining muffins decided to create music that would be so bad that it would kill us all. It was called…modern pop. But the humans were so stupid that most of them liked it even though it was designed to be bad.


3 thoughts on “Muffin Monday #5: A new world order

  1. Excellent ending to the series. Reminds me a bit of Animal Farm – they turned from Muffin to Man and it was impossible to tell which was which. You might want to add that no actual Gordons were harmed in the making of this story.

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    1. Happy you liked it!
      No, I did not get a muffin to kill Gordon Ramsey, and yes, modern pop music was invented by muffins who were trying to harm our ears and our brains.


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