Concert Diaries #1: British Summertime 2017 – Green Day!

Yesterday was the god honest best day of my life. It was my first concert ever, and what a better  way to start then with one of the best festivals in London! It was so fun, from the moshing (where everyone in the crowd threw themselves at each other when there was a heavy part) to drunken renditions of Bohemian Rhapsody, Hey Jude, Teenage Kicks to having pizza boxes and beer thrown at us by the rest of the crowd, it was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Green Day played a HUGE two and a half hour long set, and they played all the classics, a couple songs off their new album and a couple deeper cuts like 2000 light years away! And while I may have not been able to crowd surf, I certaintly moshed and sang along with every single song. 

There were a lot of great main supporting acts, like The Hives, The stranglers, The damned and Rancid, but there was a lot of more obscure bands that I really loved like Gogol Bordello, a band that featured an accordion, a marching band style bass drum, a violin and the craziest singer ever, and two American rock bands, Sunflower Bean and Public Acess TV, who played on a tiny stage so you could get really close up. I’ve got some pictures so I’m putting them up here:

Pictures from Green Day’s 160 minute long set:

The stranglers playing on the Barclaycard stage:


Sunflower bean on the smaller stage:

Public access TV:

Gogol Bordello playing the most energetic set I have ever seen (It’s like a modern Santana):

The hives with their extremely eccentric lead singer:

And even though my back hurts so much because jumping up and down for 11 hours meant that I did 30,000 steps, more than a half marathon, I AM SOOOOOOOO HAPPPYYYYYYY AND IT WAS SSOOOOOOO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!

I also got this awesome T-Shirt, which was overpriced (£25 / $30) but It was a BST exclusive, so I’m SO happy I managed to get it!

I got back home so late, it was like 11:30, and it was so nice to walk through the park near midnight with 60,000 like minded people surrounding you. The atmosphere was just the best, and it felt so British, from the beer drinking hooligans to the eccentricity dressed festival goers. 







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