Weird and wonderful genres of music #2: Impossible Black Midi and Throat Singing

I know I reached the like goal on the last post a while ago, but this takes more research than a usual post. Anyway, let’s start with Impossible Black Midi.
Impossible black Midi is a form of art where you take a song, and using music software, create a wall of notes, but still having the original tune. It tends to look like this on the software:

and like this as sheet music:

There’s a reason why it’s called Impossible. The world record of most notes in a black midi impossible remix is 21 million notes. In one song. That is 4 minutes long.  It’s crazy.

The primary theme of the black Midi impossible remixes is they tend to be video game soundtracks, although it is basically just any song remixed to have over 1,000,000 notes.

Now for throat singing.

Throat singing is a type of singing practiced mainly in tribes, and is most famous in Mongolia. It focuses on creating the noises of nature from a throat, and comes in many different styles. There are many different variants of this, including competitive and singular.

Throat singing has a lot to do with the spirituality of objects, and not just what they look like physically, connecting it a lot to ambient genres like lowercase, amplifying and focusing on the sounds of nature, but unlike lowercase, those sounds are created by the performer.

Anyway, just like before, if you can get this post to three likes then I’ll do a part 3.

If you haven’t seen part 1, then click here.

And for now,


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