A kid’s view of politics #4: Day of rage


I know what’s going to happen today. The fact it’s run by a group called the justice by any means group and that they say there will not be peace until we have taken this government down makes it obvious. This is basically the 21st century Watergate. And for the people who say it was Trump who had the next watergate, think about it. He won’t be held accountable, and he won’t be kicked out of presidency for that. 

In the 60’s we had the hippie revolution. In the 80’s we had a revolution of hope and charity. But you can only hold in anger for so long. Mrs. May can’t hold on for much longer, and as her platform crumbles, as she has a 26% approval rating, we’ll be another step closer to the government that we deserve.

So while I don’t think smashing stuff and rioting is necessarily the right option, we need change. And dear lord, change is what we’re going to get.

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