Muffin Monday #4

Just another muffin Monday, wish it was Sunday, cause that’s my spicy sauce day – The Bangles (parodied)

The garbage collector came at Bob, lashing at him with a broom. Bob was not very pleased with this, as you might imagine. And so Bob, in a fit of fury, engaged in a complex series of over the top attacks that looked like they were straight out of Mortal Combat X. Now, if anyone had been watching Bob, they would have questioned why he didn’t just run away, but no-one was, so Bob continued to commit over the top violence on some random person because he was featuring in a series written by a random kid who was running out of ideas and decided to fill the story with violence and self-mockery. Unfortunately, what Bob didn’t know is that unlike in Mortal Combat X, you can’t deliver a barrage of attacks and not seriously injure your opponent. Bob wondered if he should be worried about the implications of a muffin randomly killing people because he had anger management issues. But he just shrugged and started to eat himself.

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