Random spewing of thoughts #12: Wolf Alice, London Grammar, epic guitarists and video games.

I absolutely love the new Wolf Alice track, Yuk Foo. I mean, I know it sounds almost NOTHING like previous Wolf Alice records, but it’s a perfect 80’s punk revival and it sounds really awesome.

Anywho (a word I made up which basically just means anyway), today I had a guitar lesson, and having finished another brick in the wall pt.2, I was ready for another song. And um, it’s fair to say that I… underestimated the difficulty of this song. I mean, I’m getting there but it’s pretty difficult. Anyway, the song I’m learning is Soothsayer by Buckethead, this epic guitarist who you should definitely check out of you’re into guitar. So anyway, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite guitarists as of now:

1. Prince – Prince and the revolution

2. Dave Gilmour – Pink Floyd

3. B.B. King

4. Jimi Hendrix – The Jimi hendrix experience 

5. Eddie Van Halen – Van Halen

6. Chuck Berry

7. Buckethead 

8. Alex Lifeson – Rush

9. Slash – Guns n’ roses

10. Eric Clapton

Yeah, so anyway, check them out. 

The new clash Royale update is here, and they’ve added some decent cards and a proper 2v2 system. But I am still in arena 7 *sigh*. And in Injustice 2, I’ve managed to unlock Amazon Wonder Woman and her entire gear set, so I’ve been busy upgrading her to level 30 and getting her specials to level 15. She’s now got a solid 5,500 threat rating, and I might put her in my current team. 

And now back to music. The new London Grammar album, Truth is a beautiful thing, is here, and well, the songs are certainly good, but they all sound pretty much the same. There isn’t much variation in terms of vocal content, but the individual songs are great.

Anyway, I’ve exhausted my ideas so for now,


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