Wall-E film review

I decided to watch this movie this weekend for the first time since I was about 5, and I can now say that this is the greatest kids movie ever created. While its primary audience is younger kids, it is still deep and chilling, and it pulls off its dystopian setting a lot better than most and the satirical political comedy makes it a movie anyone can enjoy. I didn’t realise when I first watched it how good it was, but when you compare it to a modern animated movie like minions, its like trying to compare Star Wars and Howard the Duck (what is said to be one of the worst movies ever). Pixar should be an example that family movies can be good and not the money grabbing garbage they have become. Because this movie is what happens when you treat film-making like an art form as opposed to a corporate scheme. This movie is just flawless. Absolutely. Flawless. And it makes you think in the way that the matrix makes you think. Yes. I am comparing a kids movie to the matrix. Because that’s how amazing this movie is.
Rating: 10/10


P.S: Muffin Monday coming later today 😉

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